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Einat represents in Israel the following companies

·        IMPERX CardBus frame grabber for laptops.and 1 to 11 Megapixel, 8/10 bit, Color or Mono Camera Link or GIGE Cameras

·        XLI specialises in the field of digital imaging and is currently developing a range of USB 2 Digital Cameras for industrial, clinical and medical, scientific and teaching applications

Scorpion Vision Software is an independent and open software tool making computers see

Fast Vision The FastCamera is a high-speed megapixel digital camera system, based on a CMOS imager

Alacron* Fast FrameGrabbers-FastSeriesTM * Analog and Digital video capture * Output options: SVGA, RS-170,NTSC/ PAL/ SECAM

ADVANCED ILLUMINATION * Solid State Illumination Solutions * LED lighting for light heads, ring lights, Dark Field illumination, Thin lite, Back light

LMI Hi speed/ hi accuracy laser Measurements of:Height, Width, Thickness, Diameter, Oscillations, deflection, Positioning, Vibration, 3-D imaging

MuTechMuTech * Analog and Digital Frame Grabbers - PCI bus * captures rates up to 40Mega pixels/sec

Meiji Techno * microscopes:Video, Stereo, Inspection, lab. Inverted * Fiber Optics Illuminators

STI * Automation Safety: Protective and preventive equipment * Safety Light Curtains * Safety Interlock & Monitoring Switches * Safety Mats

SIGHTech Self Learning Machine Vision System learns objects/images by just looking at them through a camera.

Cuda Fiber Optic Light guides * Light conducting Rods * Clad Rods * High Intensity Cold Light Illuminations * Light Sources

Videor Technical Suuply of proffesional quality Video Technology & products * CCTV Cameras,Lenses & Control units * Monitors, Video Recorders, IR illuminators * Weather proof housings, Mounts & accessories * Transmission Systems
PULNIX * Hi Reliablity CCD Cameras * Hi Resolution Cameras * Color and Monochrom