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Special Lenses & Accessories

  EDP No. Type Description    
42085 B5528MA F2,8/55mm Macro lens 2/3" C  
42087 2X-CON Tele converter 2x for macro lens 55mm  
42091 E08Z10MA F2,5/8,5-90mm Macro zoom lens 1/3" C  
47144 B18Z06MA1 F2,5/18-108mm Macro zoom lens/black 2/3",C  
41231 2X-EX/N Extender 2x,C mount  
42160 EXT-TUB Set of macro tubes  
41713 LD-16N2 Lens dummy C-mount  
43104 CS-MOUNT Adapter ring C/CS mount  
43221 N-PLUG/L MINI 4-pin Lens plug  
43094 ACB Auto iris control box